Writers Digest Dumps Author Solutions

Stumbled across this post by David Gaughran today, and thought I would share:

Writers Digest Dumps Author Solutions

This is VERY good news. I’m a bit disgusted to find out the extent of their exploitation of newbies. I enjoy reading the magazine, but this makes me angry, discovering the fact that they had been presenting these frauds at their conferences (which I’ve considered attending).

I saw Chuck Sambuchino in Edmonton when he was up for Words in 3D last year. He’s a bit of a pit bull in person, and certainly humorous, but when I asked a question, I was a little annoyed that he shot down my genre with a hasty “that doesn’t exist.”

I called it Fictional Biography. What would you call the spate of fiction based on real people’s lives that tells a huge chunk of their lives, loves and deaths, but is written as you imagine it in your head?

The part about his “shilling” for WD made me chuckle. If only for that.

Check it out. Gives me hope.


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